Why to use mp3 cutter?

You may ask why we urge you to use online mp3 cutter. You need to know the following reasons to have fun using this software !
• Free of cost: the online mp3 cutter makes you cut songs to into fragments of your choice. You can cut them from any portion and listen to the portion you like without paying. There is no cost of the usage of this cutter.
• For personal entertainment: entertainment must be personal. Personal entertainment is given a whole new meaning with this free mp3 editor which makes you listen to the portions of songs you like only.
• Supports major formats: all the major formats of videos and audios are compatible with this free music editing software. You can cut an audio or video from wherever you want to and watch it from your favorite part.
• Make your own ringtones: you are able to create your own ringtones and Itunes by cutting down your favorite tracks to the portion you like.
• Easily accessible: the cutter is easy to use. You need to upload the song you want to cut, adjust the fragment and press the “cut” option. The best thing about this cutter is that it keeps the quality of the song intact. The song fragment is of the original quality even after you cut it.